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How to Feed Your Dog and Cat Well While Saving Money?

How to Feed Your Dog and Cat Well While Saving Money?

Want to feed your dog and cat healthily while saving money?

Just take into account their natural way of feeding.

And them, what they prefer is raw food!

We are thinking of treating our favorite animal by buying boxes and kibbles from the supermarket.

It is true that some brands are very successful!

Especially when you see how he throws himself on it. But have you looked at their composition?

How to Feed Your Dog and Cat Well While Saving Money?

  • Limit boxes and kibble
  • Increase the amount of raw foods
  • For my dog
  • For my cat
  • Savings

These foods contain between 60 and 80% cereals . Very inexpensive, they come from recycled waste from the food industry.

The remaining percentage contains waste from the meat industry (beaks, hooves, spoiled meat). These delicacies are then cooked and annealed. It makes you want it, doesn't it? Not to mention the excessive amounts of sugar and salt contained in these foods.

Limit cans and croquettes

This artificial diet is the cause of many diseases . According to veterinarian Dr. P. F. McGargle, "Feeding other animals' waste to animals increases their risk of getting cancer and other degenerative diseases".

To keep our doggie or kitty with us as long as possible, we can limit these foods that are harmful to their health.

Just prepare them good things .

Increase the amount of raw foods

Let's not forget that our cat and our dog are above all carnivores !

As you will see, this way of feeding our animals is more economical than animal feed from the supermarket.

For my dog

When I was a child, I spent my holidays with my grandmother.

At the time, she had a pretty, absolutely adorable red poodle named Apollo. And I've never seen her give him boxes.

My grandmother used to ask her butcher for leftover meat and bones. Raw or sautéed quickly, these pieces were garnished with vegetable and fruit peelings.

She added two tablespoons of sunflower oil (rich in vitamin E) or rapeseed oil (rich in omega-3).

Both are renowned for their benefits.

Once a week, Apollo fasted to purify your body and stay in great shape! He lived a beautiful and long life.

For my cat

For a cat, same principle, with a preference for rabbit and poultry meat .

Do not hesitate to give him eggs too , including powdered shell and dried aromatic herbs.

A little fasting from time to time won't hurt him.

Savings achieved

A 100 g box of terrine for cats costs around €0.60.

And a 300 g box of pâté for dogs costs around €0.10.

Over the year, you save between €200 and €400 depending on the size of your pet.

Of course it all depends on the frequency of the natural meals you give him.

You regularly go to your favorite butcher for your personal needs.

He will be happy to keep his "waste" for your pet and provide it to you for free (or almost).

The peelings cost you nothing, the 2 tablespoons of oil just a few cents.

This new food will guarantee you a healthy animal, while saving money!

Remember to ask your veterinarian for advice in special cases :sick animals, pregnant or babies, etc.