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Tips for a pleasant walk with your dog

Rain or shine, walking the dog is a daily must for dog owners. Here are a few tips to make sure you can walk your dog safely and comfortably.

Use the right stuff

Make sure your dog's harness or collar is in good condition and nothing is about to break. The same goes for the belt. A walk can quickly be ruined if something breaks.

Bring treats

It's always a good idea to pack treats for training. It can also help you if you come across a stray dog ​​that you are not sure about. Before the dog gets to you, toss the treats at him – most of them stop to eat them, giving you time to get away.

Plan your route

If you have a dog that is sensitive to new things or other dogs, noises, etc., plan your route accordingly. Maybe you walk early in the morning when there aren't many people on the streets yet, or you avoid the busy main streets and opt for the quieter neighborhoods. Choosing a park without a dog park can reduce the chance of encounters with dogs.

Watch out for dangerous objects on the ground

Many of us walk in urban environments and this means dirty sidewalks. And while we don't think much about it because we wear shoes, most dogs don't. This means they can step on glass, get stung by dirty needles, and walk through anything on the sidewalk. So take into account what is on the street while walking to protect your dog.

Bring water with you

It is better to let your dog drink water from home or from bottles than from a puddle, canal or lake, which is full of bacteria and even pollution. Even if you're going for a short walk, take water with you – your dog can become dehydrated faster than you think, especially if it's hot.

Ask before approaching people or dogs

Nothing ruins a walk faster than a bad encounter with another dog or person. This should be courtesy! Just because your dog is friendly doesn't mean other dogs are too! If you have a dog that is not very nice to other dogs, please let us know as soon as possible.